National Institute for Environmental Studies(NIES) will hold "NIES Open Seminar : Commemorative Lectures by 2005 Blue Planet Prize Winners" on October 21(Friday), Climate Change Research Hall in NIES, Tsukuba.

We invite Professer Sir Nicholas Shackleton (U.K.) and Dr. Gordon Hisashi Sato for the lecturers of the seminar.
They are the 2005 Blue Planet Prize Winners.
We are looking forward to your participation.
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Date & Time
October 21(Friday), 2005, 13:00-14:30
Ÿ Host National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
supported by the Asahi Glass Foundation
Ÿ Registration Fee Free (advance registration is required)
Ÿ Registration

Please send us E-mail with this format by October 14 including the following information
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Ÿ Contact Office of International Coordination, NIES
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Introduction of Lecturers
(They are the 2005 Blue Planet Prize Winners)

Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton

For his contributions to palaeoclimatology,
particularly in identifying the glacial?
interglacial climatic cycles and identifying the role of carbon dioxide as well as changes in the Earth's orbit in causing them; this aids us in better predicting future climate change.

Dr. Gordon Hisashi Sato

For developing a new mangrove planting technology in Eritrea and through its utilization thus showing the possibility of building a sustainable local community in the poorest area of the world.

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