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List of research papers (past)

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Below is a list of peer-reviewed English research articles.

  • 2023

Akaji Y., Inoue T. (2023) Effect of soil temperature on the morphological and physiological traits of Kandelia obovata seedlings. Plant Ecology, DOI:10.1007/s11258-023-01325-1

Andoh K, Hidano A, Sakamoto Y, Sawai K, Arai N, Suda Y, Mine J, Oka T. (2023) Current research and future directions for realizing the ideal One-Health approach: A summary of key-informant interviews in Japan and a literature review. One Health, doi: 10.1016/j.onehlt.2022.100468.

Ando, H., Martín-Vélez, V., Tavecchia, G., Traveset, A., Jiménez-Martín, I., Igual, J. M., Martínez-Abraín, A., & Hervías-Parejo, S. (2023). Gulls contribute to olive seed dispersal within and among islands in a Mediterranean coastal area. Journal of Biogeography, 00, 1–9.

Ao H., Torimaru T., Akaji Y., Akada S., Matsuda Y., Kisanuki H. (2023) Free-proline and total flavonoid responses in leaves of Fagus crenata current-year seedlings to short-term soil drought stress. Sylwan, 167 (1):26-36.

Aoki, S., Ishihama F., Fukasawa K. (2023) Robustness of genetic diversity measures under spatial sampling and a new frequency-independent measure. PeerJ, 11:e16027. DOI: 10.7717/peerj.16027

Asargew M F, Masutomi Y, Kobayashi K, Aono M. (2024) Water stress changes the relationship between photosynthesis and stomatal conductance, Science of The Total Environment, 907(10), 167886

Blake, K., Kubo, T., Veríssimo, D. (2023). Measuring the effectiveness of value-framing and message valence on audience engagement across countries. Global Environmental Psychology, 1, Article e11181.

Bouchet V.M.P. , Seuront L., Tsujimoto A., Richirt J., Frontalini F., Tsuchiya M., Matsuba M., Nomaki H. (2023) Foraminifera and plastic pollution: Knowledge gaps and research opportunities. Environmental Pollution, 324(1), 121365.

Chan, Y.K.S., Affendi, Y.A., Ang, P., Baria-Rodriguez, M.V., Chen, A., Chui, A., Giyanto , Glue, M., Huang, H., Kuo, C.-Y., Kim, S.W., Lam, V., Lane, D., Lian, J.S., Lin, S., Lunn, Z., Nanola, C., Nguyen, L., Park, H.S., Sudharsono , Sutthacheep, M., Vo, S.T., Vibol, O., Waheed, Z., Yamano, H., Yeemin, T., Yong, E., Kimura, T., Tun, K., Chou, L.M., Huang, D. (2023) Decadal stability in coral cover could mask hidden changes on reefs in the East Asian Seas. Communications Biology, 6, 630.

Diway B, Yiing L C , Wasli M E, Takeuchi Y. (2023) Forest structure and recovery in selectively logged forests in Sarawak, Malaysia. Tropics, 32(1): 1-14

Diway B., Yiing L C., Takeuchi Y., Wasli M E. (2023) Establishment of permanent sample plot network for monitoring the structure and growth of logged-over forests in Sarawak, Malaysia. THE MALAYSIAN FORESTER, VOLUME 86, NO. 1, 200 - 209.

Doi, H., Matsuoka, S., Matsuzaki, S.-i., Nagano, M., Sato, H., Yamanaka, H., Matsuhashi, S., Yamamoto, S., Minamoto, T., Araki, H., Ikeda, K., Kato, A., Kumei, K., Maki, N., Mitsuzuka, T., Takahara, T., Toki, K., Ueda, N., Watanabe, T., Yamazoe, K., Miya, M. (2023) Species traits and ecosystem characteristics affect species detection by eDNA metabarcoding in lake fish communities. Freshwater Biology, DOI: 10.1111/fwb.14107

Endo, T., Hirata, S., Hayama, Y. et al. (2023) Landscape elements affecting the ingestion of oral vaccine against classical swine fever in wild boar. Eur J Wildl Res 69, 102.

Fujita, T., Mameno, K., Kubo, T., Masago, Y., Hijioka, Y. (2023) Unraveling the challenges of Japanese local climate change adaptation Centers: A Discussion and Analysis. Climate Risk Management, 100489.

Fukushima M, Rand P S. (2023) Individual variation in spawning migration timing in a salmonid fish-Exploring roles of environmental and social cues. Ecology and Evolution DOI:10.1002/ece3.10101.

Gonzalez, A., Vihervaara, P., Balvanera, P. et al. (2023) A global biodiversity observing system to unite monitoring and guide action. nature ecology & evolution, DOI: 10.1038/s41559-023-02171-0

Higashikawa W., Sueyoshi M., Mori T., Yonekura R., Nakamura K. (2023) The Satogawa Index: A landscape-based indicator for freshwater biodiversity in Japan. Ecological indicators 152:110350

Hinsley, A., Willis, J., Dent, A.R., Oyanedel, R., Kubo, T., Challender, D.W.S. (2023) Trading species to extinction: evidence of extinction linked to the wildlife trade. Cambridge Prisms: Extinction. DOI:10.1017/ext.2023.7 >

Ishiwaka N, Hashimoto K, Hiraiwa MK, Sánchez-Bayo F, Kadoya T, Hayasaka D. (2023) Can warming accelerate the decline of Odonata species in experimental paddies due to insecticide fipronil exposure? Environmental Pollution,DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2023.122831

Inoue T, Akaji Y, Baba S, Noguchi K. (2023) Temperature dependence of O2 respiration in mangrove leaves and roots: implications for seedling dispersal phenology. New Phytologist, 237: 100-112.

Kass MJ, Fukaya K, Thuiller W, Mori SA. (2023) Biodiversity modeling advances improve predictions of nature’s contributions to people. TREE. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, DOI:10.1016/j.tree.2023.10.011国立環境研究所ウェブサイトプレスリリースへのリンク

Katayama M, Fukuda T, Kato N, Nagamine T, Nakaya Y, Nakajima N, et al. (2023) Cultured fibroblasts of the Okinawa rail present delayed innate immune response compared to that of chicken. PLoS ONE 18(8): e0290436.

Katayama M, Onuma M, Kato N, Nakajima N, Fukuda T. (2023) Organoids containing neural-like cells derived from chicken iPSCs respond to poly:IC through the RLR family. PLOS ONE, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0285356

Kataoka, T., Sugimoto, R., Kaneda, A., Yamaguchi, H., Rihei, T., Yamashita, S. (2023). Seasonal variation in the community distribution of protists off Wakasa Bay, Southern Sea of Japan. Continental Shelf Research, 253, 104898.

Kato, S., Misumi, O., Maruyama, S., Nozaki, H., Tsujimoto-inui, Y., Takusagawa, M., Suzuki, S., Kuwata, K., Noda, S., Ito, N., Okabe, Y., Sakamoto, T., Yagisawa, F., Matsunaga, T. M., Matsubayashi, Y., Yamaguchi, H., Kawachi, M., Kuroiwa, H., Kuroiwa, T., Matsunaga, S. (2023) Genomic analysis of an ultrasmall freshwater green alga, Medakamo hakoo. Communications Biology, 6, 89.

Kim, H., Shoji, Y., Mameno, K., Kubo, T., & Aikoh, T. (2023). Changes in visits to green spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Focusing on the proportion of repeat visitors and the distances between green spaces and visitors’ places of residences. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 127828.

Kim, J.Y., Kubo, T, Nishihiro, J. (2023) Mobile phone data reveals spatiotemporal recreational patterns in conservation areas during the COVID pandemic. Sci Rep 13, 20282.

Kizuka T.,Mikami H.,Kameyama S.,Ono S.,Suzuki H. (2023) Hydrological environment affects the nutrient retention and runoff function of naturally re-wetted agricultural peatland in lowland river floodplain, Science of The Total Environment, 857,3, 20, 159483

Kohzu A, Matsuzaki SS, Komuro S, Komatsu K, Takamura N, Nakagawa M, Imai A, Fukushima T. (2023)Identifying the true drivers of abrupt changes in ecosystem state with a focus on time lags: Extreme precipitation can determine water quality in shallow lakes. Science of the Total Environment , DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.163097

Koito, T., Ito, Y., Suzuki, A., Tame, A., Ikuta, T., Suzuki, M., Mitsunobu, S., Sugimura, M. Inoue, K. (2023) Difference in sulfur regulation mechanism between tube-dwelling and free-moving polychaetes sympatrically inhabiting deep-sea hydrothermal chimneys. Zoological Letters, 9, 18

Kubo, T., Yokoo, H. -F., Verissimo, D. (2023) Conservation fundraising:Evidence from social media and traditional mailfield experiments.Conservation Letters, e12931.

Mameno, K., Kubo, T. (2023) Mainstreaming eating agrobiodiversity: appealing with heron labels and boosting with loach labels. Food Quality and Preference, 104919.

Matsuba. M, Tsujimoto A., Tsuchiya M., Tanaka Y., Nomaki H. (2023) Effectiveness of hierarchical Bayesian models for citizen science data with missing values: A case study on the factors influencing beach litter in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Marine Pollution Bulletin 191, 114948.

Matsuzaki SS, Kohzu A, Watanabe M, Kondo IN, Tatsuta A (2023) Use of legacy nitrogen as a resource: unfertilized lotus fields contribute to water quality improvement and biodiversity conservation. Nature-based solutions. DOI: 10.1016/j.nbsj.2023.100080

Mori, A.S., Suzuki, K.F,, Hori, M., Kadoya, T., Okano, K., Uraguchi , A., Muraoka, H., Sato, T., Shibata, H., Suzuki-Ohno, Y., Koba, K., Toda, M., Nakano, S., Kondoh, M., Kitajima, K., Nakamura, M. (2023) Sustainability challenges, opportunities, and solutions for long-term ecosystem observations. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 378: 20220192.

Nabeshima, K., Asakura, S., Iwata, R., Honjo, H., Haga, A., Goka, K., Onuma, M. (2023). Sequencing methods for HA and NA genes of avian influenza viruses from wild bird feces using Oxford Nanopore sequencing. Comparative immunology, microbiology and infectious diseases, 102, 102076. new arrival updated Jan. 24, 2024

Nabeshima, K., Takadate, Y., Soda, K., Hiono, T., Isoda, N., Sakoda, Y., Mine, J., Miyazawa, K., Onuma, M., Uchida, Y. (2023). Detection of H5N1 High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza Viruses in Four Raptors and Two Geese in Japan in the Fall of 2022. Viruses, 15(9), 1865. new arrival updated Jan. 24, 2024

Nagano, K., Hiraiwa, M.K., Ishiwaka, N., Seko, Y., Hashimoto, K., Uchida, T., Sánchez-Bayo, F., Hayasaka, D. (2023) Global warming intensifies the interference competition by a poleward-expanding invader on a native dragonfly species. Environmental Pollution, DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2023.122831

Nakadai, R. (2023) Macroecological processes drive spiritual ecosystem services obtained from giant trees. Nature Plants, DOI: 10.1038/s41477-022-01337-1

Nakaji T, Makita N, Katayama A, Oguma H. (2023) Belowground spectroscopy - Novel spectral approach for estimation of vertical and species-specific distributions of forest soil characteristics and heterotrophic respiration. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2023.109563

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Sawada A, Tatematsu K, Kawano T, Takagi M. (2023) First Direct Evidence of Inter-Island Dispersal of Ryukyu Scops Owl Otus elegans, Ornithological Science, 22(2), 191-194.

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  • 2022

Abe H., Kitano Y.F., Fujita T., Yamano H. (2022) Distribution, use, management, regulation, and future concerns of reef-building corals based on administrative documents in Japan. Marine Policy, 141, 105090.

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