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Collaborative activity

We cooperate with various organizations to conserve the nature of the area, organize awareness-raising activities, and networks.

Cooperation with Japan Committee for International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-J)
Signing ceremony with Japan Committee for International Union for Conservation of Nature

July 16, 2013, IUCN-J and NIES signed a basic agreement to cooperate and promote efforts to preserve biodiversity in cooperation.

Based on this agreement, which deepens the partnership of science and activities relating to biodiversity conservation, we are both involved in the efforts to achieve the Aichi targets.

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Participation in the "Nijyumaru project"
Logo of Nijyumaru project

Six activities of the Center were registered in the "Nijyumaru Project" in order to inform the broader sectors of the research results obtained at CEBES and use them for the activities of biodiversity conservation (October 2013).

In the future, we will further advance our network with people who are working to achieve Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

Cooperation with International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)
Signing ceremony with International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems

November 13, 2013, the ISME and NIES have concluded a basic agreement to collaborate and cooperate. It was concluded with common recognition that we should promote activities related to biodiversity conservation by preparing accurate geographical information of the natural ecosystem and opening it widely to society in order to implement the biodiversity strategic plan (2011?2020) and realize the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

Based on this agreement, we will deepen collaboration with ISME and further advance research on mangrove and its ecosystem.

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Sango (Coral) Map Project
top of Sango (Coral) Map Project website

This activity was started by volunteers (scientists, educators, divers, NGOs, etc.) promoting the Second International Year of the Reef in Japan in 2008.

We will obtain information on coral distribution, bleaching occurrence, and spawning from everyone who enjoys diving and snorkeling. The data contribute to revealing the current status of corals throughout the country.

Information gathered will be displayed with observation dates and pictures posted on the website. Registered data is used for coral distribution mapping and coral monitoring.

YAMANO Hiroya (CEBES/Director) and KUMAGAI Naoki (CEBES/Research Associate) support the activity.

Sarufutsu Itou Conservation Council
Link to Sarufutsu Itou Conservation Council website

We are engaged in conservation of endangered freshwater fish Itou (sea-run taimen) and environmental education, in cooperation with surrounding forest owners, administrations, NPOs, etc., mainly in Sarufutsu in North Hokkaido.

FUKUSHIMA Michio (CEBES/Senior Researcher) is acting as a vice chairperson.

Cooperating organization

OJI PAPER CO., LTD., Sarufutsu Itou's Association, Wild Salmon Center (Portland, Oregon, USA)

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Shimousa Biodiversity Action Plan
Meeting of Shimousa Biodiversity Action Plan

The Shimousa Biodiversity Action Plan specifies important places for biodiversity and ecosystem services through involving civil society in various fields and creating a wide range of biodiversity regional strategies across municipal boundaries.

KADOYA Taku (CEBES/Senior Researcher) et al. supports from the academic side .

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