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Biodiversity web mapping system

BioWM contains mapping systems for GBIF occurrence data (specimen and observation records) and research data provided by NIES.

Biodiversity Dataset Search: On this map you can search occurrence data formatted with Darwin Core and environmental polygon data provided by BioDiv, NIES.

Biodiversity conservation
Invasive species of Japan

This is a searchable database that contains information on the main invasive alien species in Japan.

image of Avian influenza virus invasion risk map

This map helps predict domestic areas where the risk of avian influenza infiltration from overseas is high (for administrative agencies only). japanese version only

Tropical coastal ecosystems portal

A website that provides information on tropical coastal ecosystems, such as world maps and lists of mangrove species.

image of Lake Biwa Underwater-Video Archive: from a Carp’s-eye view

This database archives underwater videos filmed in Lake Biwa using carp-mounted video-loggers. The videos provide valuable information about the nature of fishes and other organisms inhabiting the lake.

Image of Hokkaido freshwater fish database

This is the largest fish distribution database in Hokkaido, Japan. japanese version only

Image of Creatures of irrigation pond and its environment

This database provides biodiversity information accumulated in the study of the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, using geographic information system (GIS) (as of May 2017, release of GIS is suspended). japanese version only


Research summary and outcomes of Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (S-15) "Predicting and Assessing Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services through an Integrated Social-Ecological Systems Approach", such as the database search system, Web GIS, and policy briefs are available.

Environmental monitoring
Lake Kasumigaura Database

This database provides water quality and aquatic organism data of Lake Kasumigaura, which has been monitored for more than 40 years since the establishment of NIES.

Image of Lake Mashuu Long-term Environmental Monitoring

This database provides an outline of the monitoring survey conducted for many years, observation results, observation data, and related literature information at Lake Mashu. japanese version only

Image of Land water monitoring department of Global Environmental Monitoring System

The inland water monitoring division of Global Environmental Monitoring System "GEMS (Global Environmental Monitoring System)" is the only monitoring project that covers global freshwater quality. japanese version only

Image of Acoustic monitoring of avian assemblage

Acoustic monitoring of avian assemblages in and around the evacuation area of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. japanese version only

Genetic information
Microbial culture collection at NIES It is possible to refer to the list of strains preserved in the microbial culture collection at NIES, which includes the essential information of the culture strains, references, and image data. Additional information, such as how to order, deposit, handle, and cultivate strains is also available.

Image of Sample database of endangered species (algae)

Database search system of stocks of endangered algae possessed by the Microbial Culture Collection. japanese version only

Chironomid DNA Barcode Database

The database search system provides DNA barcoding information on chironomid specimens, including DNA barcodes, taxonomy, and collection sites.

Image of Wildlife genetic resource database

Database of wildlife cells, tissues, and DNA stored at the Environmental Specimen Time Capsule Building of NIES and Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University. japanese version only

Image of genome database

NIES provides draft whole genome sequences of mainly endangered species in FASTA format, as research outcomes from the Project for the Promotion of Environmental Genomics Studies.

Ogasawara DNA barcode database

Database on taxonomic information and DNA barcodes of specimens collected from the Ogasawara Islands, providing DNA sequences in FASTA format and occurrence data. japanese version only

Environment map
Image of Japan national standard land-use mesh data

Land use data that can be used to estimate biodiversity on a national scale. It was constructed by integrating and standardizing the vegetation survey data of the National Survey on the Natural Environment, which was conducted from 1988 to 1998 by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. japanese version only

Image of Japan Satoyama index mesh data

A database that calculates the heterogeneity of land use (called the "Satoyama Index") for evaluating biodiversity in agricultural landscapes from the Japan national standard land use mesh data. japanese version only

Taxonomic information
Image of Japanese algae Ishisango species in Tanegashima

Information and image retrieval system published in the catalog of "Zooxanthellate corals of Japan - Tanegashima -" issued by the Division in 2015. japanese version only


A software tool which supports the design of a protected area which efficiently covers multiple biodiversity features. It accepts semi-quantitative distribution data of biodiversity features, which is often the best available.

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