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Contributing to the establishment of a society in harmony with nature

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List of research papers has been updated.
Katayama, M., Fukuda, T., Kaneko, T., Nakagawa, Y., Tajima, A., Naito, M., Ohmaki, H., Endo, D., Asano, M., Nagamine, T., Nakaya, Y., Saito, K., Watanabe, Y., Tani, T., Inoue, M M., Nakajima, N., Onuma, M. (2022) Induced pluripotent stem cells of endangered avian species. Communications Biology, 5, 1049.
List of research papers has been updated.
Suzuki K., Matsuzaki S. S., Masuya H. (2022) Decomposing predictability to identify dominant causal drivers in complex ecosystems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2204405119
List of research papers has been updated.
Sakamoto, H., Goka K. (2022) Efficiency of ant-control agents in colony-level oral toxicity tests using Tetramorium tsushimae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) for post-establishment control of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Applied Entomology and Zoology, DOI: 10.1007/s13355-022-00800-x
List of research papers has been updated.
Shimozuru, M., Jimbo, M., Adachi, K., Kawamura, K., Shirane, Y., Umemura, Y., Ishinazaka, T., Nakanishi, M., Kiyonari, M., Yamanaka, M., Amagai, Y., Ijuin, A., Sakiyama, T., Kasai, S., Nose, T., Shirayanagi, M., Tsuruga, H., Mano, T., Tsubota, T. Fukasawa, K., Uno, H. (2022). Estimation of breeding population size using DNA-based pedigree reconstruction in brown bears. Ecology and Evolution, 12, e9246.
List of research papers has been updated.
Yoshida M.A.,Nishida K.,Mabuchi K. (2022) The first record of spawning-season homing of gin-buna crucian carp Carassius sp. to a lakeside biotope connected to Lake Biwa confirmed via acoustic telemetry and egg surveys. Ichthyological Research, 70. DOI:10.1007/s10228-022-00893-y

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We are conducting research at various scales.  link to allresearch

Image of climate change

Harmonization with Nature Research Program(PJ3)
Monitoring project for global warming effects on marine environment

image of environmental emergency

Acoustic monitoring of avian assemblage in Fukushim

image of the ocean areas and inland waters

Long-term monitoring of inland waters

image of invasive alien species

Harmonization with Nature Research Program(PJ2)

image of genes and DNA

Environmental genomics studies

image of preservation of biological resources

Endangered wildlife species


We make databases of biodiversity information derived from our research and publish it on the website. link to all databases

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