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Seminar (for NIES members only)

Regular seminar

  • Monthly seminar of Biodiversity Division
    We hold seminars every month for the purpose of exchanging information among researchers.

Temporary seminar

  • Lake Biwa Branch Office seminar(Since 2017/ Anyone can join)
    In this seminar, we share scientific knowledge about the environment of Lake Biwa and its watershed through a lecture by experts, in order to set up research plans in the Lake Biwa Branch Office.
  • Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology seminar(Since 2013)
    This seminar is an avenue for researchers in the fields of ecology, evolutionary biology, and environmental biology around Tsukuba to interact. It is operated by volunteers at the National Institute for Environmental Studies, the Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, and the Forest and Forest Products Research Institute.
  • Environmental Economic Assessment Cooperative Research Group Seminar(Since 2011)
    This is a seminar to exchange information from the ecology and social sciences fields, to activate cross-disciplinary research activities, and to explore the possibility of solving conservation and management issues related to biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Life Earth Science Seminar(Since 2008)
    This is a seminar to discuss various topics, from the distant past to the present, including how life evolved and how it interacted with the global environment. The University of Tokyo, National Institute for Environmental Studies, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, University of Tsukuba, National Science Museum, among others, collaborate for the seminar.

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