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Policy statement

The Biodiversity Division conducts research and studies on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and contributes to the realization of a society in harmony with nature that can benefit from ecosystems in the future.

As part of Foresight and Advanced Basic Research, we conduct surveys and research on the ecological structure, functions, and relationships of ecosystems, which consist of diverse living organisms on Earth and the surrounding environment, the benefits that humans receive from ecosystems, and the elucidation and evaluation of the effects and risks of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystems at various spatial and temporal scales.

As part of Policy-oriented Research, we will promote the establishment of a center for the evaluation of biodiversity in Japan, and promote cooperation between the center and other organizations to accumulate and analyze information related to biodiversity, including the distribution of organisms, and contribute to the formulation of goals for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the understanding of the degree of achievement of these goals. In addition, the Lake Biwa Branch Office in Shiga Prefecture, which is a joint laboratory under the Regional Environment Conservation Division and the Biodiversity Division, will work with the Ministry of the Environment and Shiga Prefecture to conserve the water quality and ecosystem of Lake Biwa and its watersheds.

As part of Intellectual Research Infrastructure Development, we will develop research infrastructure for long-term monitoring of lakes, experiments on biological responses, and analysis of biological genome information, which are necessary for the evaluation and conservation of biodiversity. We will also collect and preserve biological resources, contribute to the ex situ conservation of endangered species, and promote the sustainable use of biological resources such as microalgae. In addition, we will collaborate with domestic and international biodiversity observation networks and promote the utilization of data and samples.

Last updated Apr. 1, 2021

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