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Higher Taxa Scientific Name
[Common name]
Legal control Distribution in Japan
Thripidae, Thysanoptera, Insecta Frankliniella occidentalis
  [Western flower thrips]
Yes Almost entire Japan. In Okinawa, this species was extinct, although there was a tempo ...
Thripidae, Thysanoptera, Insecta Thrips palmi
  [Melon thrips]
Fukushima Pref. to central and western Japan.
Diaspididae, Coccoidea, Hemiptera Unaspis yanonensis
  [Arrowhead snow scale]
Yes Central to western part of Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Amami Islands (Amamioshima an ...
Aleyrodidae, Aleyrodoidea, Hemiptera Bemisia argentifolii
  [Silverleaf whitefly]
Almost entire Japan
Aleyrodidae, Aleyrodoidea, Hemiptera Trialeurodes vaporariorum
  [Greenhouse whitefly]
Almost entire Japan
Reduviidae, Reduvoidea, Hemiptera Agriosphodrus dohrni Honshu (Kanto District to western regions), Shikoku, and Kyushu Is.
Lygaeidae, Lygaeoidea, Hemiptera Caverelius saccharivorus
  [Oriental chinch bug]
Miyazaki Pref., Kagoshima Pref. (Ibusuki City, Sakurajima, Tanegashima Is., and Amami ...
Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeoidea, Coleoptera Protaetia orientalis sakaii Amamioshima, Okinawajima, Miyakojima, Ishigakijima, and Daito Islands.
Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeoidea, Coleoptera Protaetia pryeri oschimana Established on Hachijojima Is. (Izu Islands).
Erirhinidae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus
  [Rice water weevil]
Almost entire Japan
Dryophthoridae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera Rhabdoscelus obscurus
  [Sugarcane weevil borer]
Yes Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands (Chichijima, Hahajima, Anijima, Ototojima, Mukoujima, and I ...
Dryophthoridae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
  [Red palm weevil]
Yes Daito Islands, Okinawajima Is., Kagoshima (mainland), Miyazaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Nagas ...
Curculionidae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera Euscepes postfasciatus
  [West Indian sweetpotato weevil]
Yes Central to southern part of Ryukyu Archipelago. Ogasawara Islands.
Curculionidae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera Hypera postica
  [Alfalfa weevil]
Hokkaido, Fukushima, and Kanto District, Hokuriku District to western Japan. In Ryuky ...
Brenthidae, Curculionoidea, Coleoptera Cylas formicarius
  [Sweet potato weevil]
Yes Ogasawara Islands, middle to southern part of Ryukyu Archipelago, Osumi Islands (Yaku ...
Cerambycidae, Chrysomeloidea, Coleoptera Anoplophora glabripennis
  [Asian long-horn beetle]
Not established in Japan. A population occurred in Yokohama in July 2002, Kanagawa Pr ...
Cerambycidae, Chrysomeloidea, Coleoptera Aromia bungii
  [red-necked longhorn]
Yes Aichi, Saitama, Gunma, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Tokushima, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Mie, Nara ...
Cerambycidae, Chrysomeloidea, Coleoptera Paraglenea fortunei Central to western Japan and adjacent islands (Awajishima Is.; Dogo, Oki Islands; Tsu ...
Cerambycidae, Chrysomeloidea, Coleoptera Psacothea hilaris maculata
  [Yellow-spotted longicorn beetle]
Hachijojima Island (Izu Islands). Several points on western Kagoshima Pref. A populat ...
Cerambycidae, Chrysomeloidea, Coleoptera Psacothea hilaris subsp.
  [yellow-spotted longicorn beetle]
Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Central to northeastern Honshu is occupied by “Eastern ...
Coccinellidae, Cucujoidea, Coleoptera Epilachna varivestis
  [mexican bean beetle]
Yes Highland (500-1300m alt.) in northwestern Yamanashi Pref. to Suwako Lakein Nagano Pre ...
Blattellidae, Polyphagoidea, Blattodea Blattella germanica
  [German cockroach]
Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Amamioshima, and Okinawajima Is.
Blaberidae, Polyphagoidea, Blattodae Opisthoplatia orientalis Shizuoka, Chiba, Wakayama Prefs., Izu Islands (Miyakejima, Hachijojima and Aogashima ...
Rhinotermitidae, Isoptera Coptotermes formosanus
  [Formosan subterranean termite]
Yes Pacific side of Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu Islands, Ryukyu, Izu, and Chichijima Is. of O ...
Papilionidae, Papilionoidea, Lepidoptera Sericinus montela subspp.
  [Sericin swallow-tail butterfly]
Kanto and Kinki Districts, Shizuoka, Gifu, Okayama, Yamaguchi, and Fukuoka Prefs.
Nymphalidae, Papilionoidea, Lepidoptera Hestina assimilis
  [Red ring skirt; Nymphalid butterfly]
Yes There have been recorded in wide area of Kanto Plain. Kanagawa, Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba ...
Limacodidae, Zygaenoidea, Lepidoptera Parasa lepida Central to western Japan, Okinawajima Island.
Arctiidae, Noctuoidea, Lepidoptera Hyphantria cunea
  [fall webworm]
Wide area of Honshu (main land), parts of Shikoku and Kyushu, and Ogasawara (Bonin) I ...
Culicidae, Diptera Aedes aegypti subspp.
  [Dengue mosquito]
Occurred in Kumamoto Pref. (1944-1952) and Okinawa Pref. (by early 20 C). However, th ...
Agromyzidae, Diptera, Insecta Liriomyza sativae
  [Tomato leaf miner]
Yes Tochigi, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Nagano, Aichi, Gifu, M ...
Agromyzidae, Diptera, Insecta Liriomyza trifolii
  [Serpentine leafminer]
Yes Almost entire Japan (all prefectures except Hokkaido, Niigata, and Toyama Prefs.) (un ...
Tephritidae, Diptera, Insecta Bactrocera cucurbitae
  [Melon fly]
Yes Eradicated by 1993 in Ryukyus.
Tephritidae, Diptera, Insecta Bactrocera dorsalis
  [oriental fruit fly]
Yes Eradicated by 1986 in Sakishima Islands, Okinawa Islands, Amami Islands, and Ogasawar ...
Tachinidae, Diptera Nealsomyia rufella Kanto District to western Japan
Formicidae, Vespoidea, Hymenoptera Linepithema humile
  [Argentine ant]
Yes Tokyo (declared eradication in 2021), Kanagawa, Shizuoka (declared eradication in 201 ...
Formicidae, Vespoidea, Hymenoptera Solenopsis geminata
  [Fire ant]
Yes Iwo-jima Island (Bonin Is.), Okinawajima and Iejima Is. (Okinawa Is.)
Vespidae, Vespoidea, Hymenoptera Ropalidia marginata Established in Iwojima Island.
Vespidae, Vespoidea, Hymenoptera Vespa velutina
  [Yellow-legged hornet]
Tsushima Is. in Nagasaki Pref.
Eumenidae, Vespoidea, Hymenoptera Delta pyriforme Ogaswara Islands (Chichijima, Anijima, and Ototojima Islands)
Austrocynipidae, Cynipoidea, Hymenoptera Dryocosmus kuriphilus
  [Oriental chestnut gall wasp]
Yes Almost entire mainland of Japan.
Apidae, Apoidea, Hymenoptera Apis dorsata subspp.
  [Giant honey bee]
Currently not established in Japan. A colony was temporarily established but eradicat ...
Apidae, Apoidea, Hymenoptera Bombus terrestris
Yes Established in entire Hokkaido. In several other prefectures, there have been records ...
Apidae, Apoidea, Hymenoptera Xylocopa tranquebarorum
  [Taiwanese bamboo carpenter bee]
Yes Saitama, Kanagawa, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi, Nagano, Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu, Nara, M ...
Formicinae, Formicidae, Hymenoptera Lepisiota frauenfeldi
  [Browsing ant]
Yes Aichi, Oska, Hyogo, Fukuoka and Okinawa Pref.
Insecta Apriona swainsoni swainsoni Yes
Higher Taxa Common name [Scientific Name] Legal control Distribution in Japan

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