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Solenopsis geminata

Basic information
Scientific name Solenopsis geminata (No picture)
Common names Fire ant
Higher taxon Formicidae, Vespoidea, Hymenoptera
Natural range Southern North America to Central and South America
Habitat Grassland, vacancy.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Iwo-jima Island (Bonin Is.), Okinawajima and Iejima Is. (Okinawa Is.) Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date Under Construction.
Route This species may be accidentaly introduced with military transportation of U. S. A.
Impact Predation and competition against native organisms. Sting and biting on human and domestic animals. Harm to agriculture by mutualism with scale insects.
Native organism(s) affected: Native insects, human, domestic animals, and crops.
Regulation in Japan Import, transport and keeping are legally restricted in Japan.
Introduced range in other countries Tropical region, worldwide. Philippine, Taiwan.
Reference Notes
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  • Global invasive species Database