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Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Basic information
Scientific name Trialeurodes vaporariorum

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Common names Greenhouse whitefly
Higher taxon Aleyrodidae, Aleyrodoidea, Hemiptera
Natural range North or Latin America.
Habitat Parasite on various plants.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Almost entire Japan Range in Japan
Origin North America
Date The first record in Japan was in 1974, when this species had already occurred in 22 prefectures. The first record in Okinawa Pref. was in Feb 1976 at Naha City, possibly by hitchhiking on flowers transported from Gifu City in Oct 1975.
Route Accidental: Possibly hitchhiking on ornamental plants and nursery plants.
Impact Damage on agriculture by carrying viruses Beet pseudo-yellows virus, secretion of honeydew causing growth of black, sooty mold fungi.
Native organism(s) affected: Various crops such as cucumbers, melons, lettuce, etc.
Regulation in Japan Aleyrodidae is designated as Quarantine Pest (the Plant Protection Law)
Introduced range in other countries South Korea, continental China, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Argeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Madeira Islands, Canary Islands, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, USA mainland, Caribbean Islands, wide area in Latin America, wide area in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii.
Reference Notes
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