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Aedes aegypti subspp.

Basic information
Scientific name Aedes aegypti subspp.

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Common names Dengue mosquito, yellow fever mosquito
Higher taxon Culicidae, Diptera
Natural range Africa.
Habitat Forest to city area. Reproducing in pools in tree hollows (forest subspecies) and in artificial stuff such as water jars (city area subspecies).
Invasion information
Range in Japan Occurred in Kumamoto Pref. (1944-1952) and Okinawa Pref. (by early 20 C). However, this species had been replaced by fuAedes albopictus. Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date The first recorded in Kumamoto Pref. was in 1944. Unknown for Okinawa.
Route Unknown. Hawaii population is assumed to be transported with ships.
Impact Actually: a dangerous vector for dengue, yellow, and Chikungunya fever viruses. Dengue fever was emerged when this species was established in Kumamoto Pref.
Regulation in Japan
Introduced range in other countries Entire the tropical area. This species is dominant in SE Asia, whereas A. albopictus is dominant in USA mainland and Hawaii.
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