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TAKAO Shintaro

TAKAO Shintaro
Researcher Name
TAKAO Shintaro
Div (Section) name/title
Center for Global Environmental Research(Office for Atmospheric and Oceanic Monitoring)/Researcher
Research Subject
Observational study on the global carbon cycle and climate change
Ph. D., Environmental Science
Professional Qualification(s)
Environmental Speciality Field
ocean,carbon cycle,global warming
Phytoplankton,Ocean-color remote sensing
Brief Description of Research
My research interests include biogeochemical studies focusing on community composition and productivity of phytoplankton, and associated carbon fluxes in oceans. For this purpose, I have combined several approaches based on remote and in-situ measurements and laboratory experiments. These include primarily HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography) biomarker pigments, remote sensing of ocean color, and seawater carbon chemistry.
Apr. 2019 − Present: Research Scientist, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Apr. 2016 − Mar. 2019: Assistant Professor, National Institute of Polar Research
Apr. 2013 − Mar. 2016: Postdoctoral Fellow, Hokkaido University
Apr. 2010 − Mar. 2013: JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)
Membership of Academic Society
The Oceanographic Society of Japan,Japan Geoscience Union
Research Subject
  • Fiscal Year: 2019
    • 24708 : Study on Multi-scale Evaluation System for GHG Variation and Mitigation
    • 24745 : Long-term Monitoring and Database for Global Environmental Research and Supporting for Related Activities
    • 25018 : Changes in vertical carbon export efficiency of phytoplankton community composition during sea ice melting season
    • 25023 : Ecosystem dynamics in the Antarctic sea ice zone