Related Program

  • Short-lived climate forcers
    Evaluation of emission scenarios for mitigating environmental impacts caused by Short-Lived Climate Forcers,
    Subtheme-1: Evaluation of Global SLCFs mitigation scenarios by Integrated Assessment model
    HANAOKA Tatsuya, ERTDF S-20-3(1), FY2021-2025
  • Wind power
    Analysis of the global energy potential of wind power using unconventional technologies
    Silva Herran Diego, KAKENHI 22K1249218K04417, FY2022-2024
  • Waste
    Maximizing environmental and economic effects through wide-area carbon neutral circular economy of combustible waste including plastics and regional circulation of food waste
    FUJII Minoru, ERTDF 3CN-2202, FY2022-2024
  • Climate neutral society
    Research on quantification of roadmap toward climate neutral society in Asian developing countries
    MASUI Toshihiko, ERTDF 1-2202, FY2022-2024
  • Wealth accounting
    Shadow price change and sustainability in wealth accounting
    YAMAGUCHI Rintaro, KAKENHI 22K12510, FY2022-2024
  • Climate chage impacts
    Climate change impacts assessment considering feedback effects on development rate
    TAKAHASHI Kiyoshi, KAKENHI Grant Number 24K03153, FY2024-2026
  • Net zero
    Ethical and policy legitimacy of national net-zero targets: An assessment from multiple equity perspectives
    ASAYAMA Shinichiro, KAKENHI Grant Number 24K15419, FY2024-2026
  • Protected area
    Identifying socioeconomic constraints of global protected area expansion
    TSUCHIYA Kazuaki, KAKENHI Grant Number 24K15408, FY2024-2026
  • Nested-MRIO
    Identifying the factors for transforming regional supply chains to achieve decarbonization and dematerialization
    HATA Sho, KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up, FY2023-2025
(Note) Each project is conducted by a project leader who belongs to the Social Systems Division.