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Environmental Renovation Research(PG2)

Environmental Renovation Research(PG2) - NIES Fukushima Regional Collaborative Research Center

Environmental Renovation Research(PG2)

We are conducting diagnosis of regional environment, building future scenarios, developing energy-efficient technologies for supporting regional development design, enlisting the participation of local residents to formulate plans for implementation, and other activities designed to support environmentally sustainable community reconstruction in the disaster area.

Current (Fourth five-year plan) activities

Research goals

Implement regional evaluation and planning methods developed to support Shinchi Town’s environmental friendly revitalization across a broader area.

Research overview

We are developing methods for designing environmental renovation model projects that leverage local environmental and energy resources, and evaluating the environmental and socioeconomic benefits of the expected outcomes of these projects. We are also developing social monitoring systems for evaluating model projects.

Previous activities

Research overview

We conducted research in the Fukushima Prefecture municipality of Shinchi and its surroundings to study means of supporting the process of restoration and environmental renovation in post-disaster regional environments.

Application of research outcomes, etc.

We worked with Shinchi Town Hall, local businesses and residents to support local community reconstruction for a sustainable future, and to present future visions of such communities and ways of achieving them.

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