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Administration Office

This section supports research activities and handles public relations in addition to managing personnel, finances, and facilities.

Teleconference Room

Teleconference Room Photo
  • PurposeTeleconferencing between geographically distant locations.
  • FunctionUsed to participate in meetings and training conducted at distant locations.
  • Usage examplesRegular meetings and research reporting with Tsukuba headquarters, training held at Tsukuba headquarters, meetings with researchers on trips to other locations.

Visitor Corner

Visitor Corner Photo
  • PurposeViewing exhibits and laboratories, etc.
  • FunctionA space for visitors to learn about the research and facilities of the Fukushima Regional Collaborative Research Center.
  • Usage examplesExhibition of posters summarizing research projects, and views through windows of the Material Cycles and Waste Treatment Verification Laboratory, Sample Pretreatment Room, Instrumental Analysis Room and other facilities.

Radiological Measurements Room

Radiological Measurements Room Photo
  • PurposeMeasurement of the radioactivity of various environmental samples.
  • FunctionConcentrations of α, β, γ radiation emitting nuclides in waste, water, soil, organisms and other samples can be measured with germanium detectors, automatic α/β radiation counters and other devices.
  • Usage examplesMeasurement of radiation emitted by waste, soil, environmental water, organisms and other samples, related research and development.

Sample Storeroom

Sample Storeroom Photo
  • PurposeSafekeeping of research samples.
  • FunctionStorage of samples containing radioactive substances etc. in temporary storage room, refrigerators and freezers.
  • Usage examplesComputer registration of sample details of waste, soil, environmental water, organism and other samples collected in the field, including collection date and location, radioactivity, storage volume, followed by storage and management in designated location.
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