National Institute for Environmental Studies
Health and Environmental Risk Division

Message from the Director

「環境リスク・健康領域長 渡邉英宏」の写真

We now enjoy convenience and comfort due to the development of science and technology, and cost reduction through mass production and mass consumption. At the same time, however, it is believed that we continue to impose burdens on nature and the earth that are beyond the level of purification and reduction. I believe it is necessary to consider the environment, economy, and society in an integrated manner in the future. We will have to understand the effects of chemical substances on humans and the ecosystem, and that can deal with chemical substances effectively. In Health and Environmental Risk Division, we will conduct research to gain knowledge and understanding of the exposure and effects of chemical substances on humans and ecosystems, and to manage risks. In our Fifth Five-Year Plan, we will promote Comprehensive Environmental Risk Research Program as a strategic research program, together with the basic and fundamental researches in the health and environmental risk field. In environmental risk management, social implementation through policy is important, and we will also promote policy-oriented research. In addition to this, the Center for Environmental Standards and Measurement and Japan Environmental and Children’s Study Programme office will work as one to promote research in pursuit of a better environment.

Hidehiro Watanabe
Director, Health and Environmental Risk Division

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