National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
Health and Environmental Risk Division

Center for Environmental Standards and Measurement

Research and development on environmental reference materials and on methods to improve the accuracy of chemical measurements

To understand the environment surrounding us, identify problems as quickly as possible, and respond appropriately, it is important to observe and measure the environment. It is also important to continue to observe and measure the environment to determine the progress of environmental problems and the effectiveness of countermeasures. The Center for Environmental Standards and Measurement provides high-quality technology and data for environmental measurement and contributes to solving environmental problems and improving the environment by ensuring its reliability as a national research institute. In order to maintain and improve measurement accuracy, we develop environmental reference materials and apply observation, measurement, and analysis methods. This center is also actively engaged in basic research to clarify phenomena and principles.

Storage of environmental samples
in liquid nitrogen tanks

In this Center, the Environmental Standards Section and the Environmental Measurement and Analysis Section are responsible for fundamental measurement work in an inter-disciplinary manner, as well as advanced measurement research in cooperation with other fields. In addition to performing requested chemical analyses using instruments, the laboratory also prepares and provides environmental reference materials that meet international standards in response to social needs. We also add certified values and reference values to existing environmental reference materials to increase their utility. In addition, to understand the status of chemicals in the environment, we are also promoting a long-term preservation project for environmental samples, including collection, long-term preservation, and analysis of bivalve mollusks from the coast of Japan.

Tools and websites managed by Center for Environmental Standards and Measurement

  • Tools for GC(×GC)-MS
  • Tsukuba Air Quality Monitoring Data

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