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Booklet series of environmental emergency research


  • Researcher Interview
    Toward community development for a sustainable future
  • Summary Environmental renovation research to support integrated community development linking reconstruction to the future
  • On our research Research initiatives to support environmentally sustainable reconstruction


  • Tackling biodiversity monitoring of Fukushima, by Akira Yoshioka et al.
  • Effect of Energy saving campaign in Fukushima, by Hiroto Shiraki et al.
  • Assessment of ecosystem services with land use maps: Conservation priority under several greening scenario in Nagoya City, by Makoto Ooba et al.
  • Impacts of the 2011 tsunami on tidalflat ecosystem, by Gen Kanaya et al.
  • Researcher Interview- Environmental Emergency Research: Achievements to Date and Future Plans.
  • Summary- Research on environmental recovery from contamination with radioactive substances.
  • On our research- The current status of environmental restoration research and NIES’s environmental emergency research.


  • 1.Foreword.
  • 2.Overview of Environmental Emergency Research.
  • 3.Detailed Research Outcomes.
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