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Research Summary

To contribute to the achievement of the post-2020 goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), NIES will conduct innovative research and development on the observation and analysis of biodiversity and wide-area and long-term assessments in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. To ensure the continuity of research beyond the mid- and long-term periods, NIES will become a collaborative research core on biodiversity. The research core will establish the Collaborative Research Group on Biodiversity and build a network of institutions engaged in biodiversity observation in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region based at the NIES, in order to establish a system for rapid policy response.

Research Objectives

The research core will develop and standardize advanced evaluation methods and indicators to enable the assessment of the achievement of the post-2020 targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as conduct continuous evaluation by integrating large-scale and long-term observation information on biodiversity.

Research overview

Research Staff

MURAOKA Hiroyuki*, KADOYA Taku, ISHIHAMA Fumiko, FUKASAWA Keita, TAKEUCHI Yayoi, KONDO Natsuko, MATSUZAKI Shin-Ichiro, ONUMA Manabu, FUKAYA Keiichi, YOSHIOKA Akira , NISHIHIRO Jun, KUMAGAI Naoki, KOIDE Dai *group leader

Collaborative research organization

Last updated Jul. 16, 2021