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Research Summary

We will investigate the current situation of reproduction and distribution of native fishes, whose populations have been significantly declining due to land alteration at various sites in the Lake Biwa basin. By utilizing the knowledge from this study, we will contribute to the restoration of the "symbiosis between nature and people" and the realization of ecotourism using this knowledge, which Shiga Prefecture aims to achieve with the cooperation of the Lake Biwa Branch Office.

Research Objectives

In the "Outline of the Fifth Shiga Prefecture Environmental Comprehensive Plan", Shiga Prefecture has set forth a future vision of a "sustainable and vibrant recycling and symbiotic society that nurtures the blessings and life of the environment surrounding Lake Biwa". One of the key points for realizing this vision is "the symbiosis between nature and people, which is established between local ecosystems and people, including secondary nature worked on by people such as Satoyama, inland lakes, and farmlands". In order to revive the symbiotic society that was once realized over a wide area, we will investigate the current situation of the reproduction and distribution of native fishes (they are given the symbolic status of the Lake Biwa ecosystem) at various sites in the Lake Biwa basin. By doing so, as the first purpose, we will clarify the usage/management problems in more diverse sites than the so-far joint research with Shiga Prefecture.

In addition, Shiga Prefecture, in the "Fifth Plan", aims to realize a "healthy cycle" by utilizing the blessings of nature, such as ecosystem services, in economic and social activities such as tourism. The secondary objective of this research is to cooperate with this plan based on the results of our studies on native fishes.

Research Summary Chart

Research staff


Collaborative research organization

  • Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute
  • Shiga Prefectural Fishery Experiment Station
  • Shiga Prefectural Department of Lake Biwa and the Environment
  • The University of Shiga Prefecture

Last updated Jul. 16, 2021