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 Ph.D., Senior researcher

Ecosystem Function Research Section
 Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies,
National Institute for Environmental Studies

Onogawa 16-2, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki 305-8506, Japan

Research Overview

I have been studying freshwater fish and their ecological traits in an attempt to assess the health of watershed environments by using the traits as an indicator. I also study freshwater fish in order to alert people based on scientific evidence to adverse influences of human activities on the watershed environments in the early stages. The study I am currently involved in aims to elucidate fish migrations in the Mekong River basin which is twice as large as the land of Japan and supports foods and livelihoods of people living in the basin. The possible outputs of this study would be to predict potential impacts of habitat fragmentation on the freshwater fishes, to recommend practical measures to riparian countries to mitigate or minimize those impacts and to contribute to the sustainable development of this river basin.

Specialties/ Key words

Fish ecology/ freshwater fish, watershed environment, human activities, dam, Mekong

Publications since 2017 (peer reviewed)

Saowakoon S., Saowakoon K., Jutagate A., Hiroki M., Fukushima M., Jutagate T. (2021) Growth and feeding behavior of fishes in organic rice-fish systems with various species combinations. Aquaculture Reports, 20, 100663 new arrival updated Mar. 26, 2021

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Last updated Mar. 26, 2021