National Institute for Environmental Studies
Center for Health and Environmental Risk Research

Contributing to the reduction of health and environmental risk to human health and ecosystems to assure environmental safety


*Topics* The Fourth Medium-and-Long-Term Plan started in April 2016.
The Center for Health and Environmental Risk Research is established by joining past Center for Environmental Risk Research and Center for Environmental Health Sciences.

Environmental Research Fields

Environmental Risk Research Field

Establish Sciences to Support the Prevention of Environmental Risks and Contribute to the Achievement of a Safe Society
The research in this field includes enhancing ecological toxicity testing, developing a new ecological risk assessment system for chemicals, developing methods to determine environmental exposure and impact of chemicals, ascertaining exposure and impacts in the ecosystem through field work and laboratory experiments and developing control measures, systematization of risk management for chemicals and other substances, and environmental fate of those substances and exposure assessment, collaboratively with the Environmental Health Research Field on research related to human health. Their findings are being applied as risk assessment science.

Environmental Health Research Field

Contributing to Preventing Harmful Effects Caused by the Environment and Promoting Safe and Healthy Environment
Researchers are conducting animal studies, epidemiological research and exposure analyses to evaluate the effects of various environmental factors including chemicals substances on human health, especially that of future generations, and elucidate the mechanisms of these effects. The results of these research will be used to perform health risk-assessment research jointly with the Environmental Risk Research Field.

Databases and websites

  • Chemical Substance Database (WebKis-Plus) (Japanese)
  • Grid-Catchment Integrated Environmental Modeling System (G-CIEMS) (Japanese)
  • KAshinhou Tool for Ecotoxicity (KATE) (Japanese)
  • Health Effects Alert System (HEALS)
  • Simulation Models and Tools for Exposure Assessment (Japanese)
  • Aquatic Tri-trophic Ecological Risk Assessment Model (A-TERAM) (Japanese)
  • Integrated Exposure Effects Analysis (IEEA)