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Comprehensive Environmental Risk Research Program
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Comprehensive Environmental Risk Research Program

We are using millions of chemical substances to make our daily lives convenient and comfortable but part of these could be released into the environment to cause adverse effects on human health and/or eco-system.
In contrast, there are still huge unknown issues about the various effects on various organisms and how much of what chemicals remain in the environment, which is like what we have known is only "“tip of the iceberg”".
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Illustration of Project1

PJ1Research Paper
Yanagisawa R., et al. (2022) Effects of oral exposure to low-dose bisphenol S on allergic asthma in mice. International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 23 (10790), 1-17
June 2024 update

Illustration of Project2

PJ2Research Paper
Yamamoto H. (2023) Ecotoxicity Testing and Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals Including Pharmaceuticals. PMDRS, 54 (6), 517-524
June 2024 update

Illustration of Project3

PJ3Research Paper
NAKAJIMA D. (2023) Analytical Methods for Combined Exposure Assessment to Multiple Organic Chemicals via the Environment. Journal of Environmental Chemistry, Vol.33, Special Issue, pp.s59-s65
June 2024 update

Illustration of Project4

PJ4Research Paper
Endo S. (2023)
Intermolecular Interactions, Solute Descriptors, and Partition Properties of Neutral Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS).Environmental Science & Technology, 57 (45), 17534-17541
June 2024 update

Illustration of Project5

PJ5Research Paper
Schaffer A., et al. (2023) Conflicts of Interest in the Assessment of Chemicals, Waste, and Pollution.Environmental Science & Technology, 57, 19066-19077
June 2024 update

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