GOSAT Project

Monthly averaged map of XCO2

GOSAT named Ibuki is an earth observation satellite launched in 2009, observing the concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane and estimating their fluxes. NIES is conducting higher level processing and validation of GOSAT data.

GOSAT-2 Project


GOSAT-2, a successor of GOSAT, was successfully launched on October 29, 2018. It measures not only carbon dioxide and methane but also carbon monoxide. NIES conducts higher level data processing and validation of GOSAT-2 data.

GOSAT-GW Project


GOSAT-GW, which is scheduled to be launched in FY2024, is an earth observation satellite that will be the successor to GOSAT-2 and will observe the concentration of NO2 in addition to CO2 and CH4, as well as the water circulation. It is being developed in collaboration with JAXA. NIES performs higher-level processing and verification of GOSAT-GW data.

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