About HarmoNIES

The HarmoNIES will be published to disseminate NIES’ research information to the public. The 4-paged introduction focuses on the research contents and its activities, introducing how interesting they are and its familiarity in our life, as well as what the research aims for. The contents will be easy enough for readers with interests in science, as well as for researchers from different fields of study. The pamphlets will be published only on NIES’ website.

New Release - HarmoNIES No.3 September 2021

Mangrove, the Forest That Grows in the Sea

Until recently, if someone had told me that there are forests that grow in the sea, I would have thought, “You’ re kidding! Forests grow on the land. Fish swim in the sea.” Surprisingly, however, such forests exist on this planet: they are called mangroves. Does that name sound familiar to you? And even if it does, you may still find it surprising. How is it possible for a forest to grow in the sea? To find out more, I asked Dr. Tomomi Inoue to reveal the mysteries of the mangrove world.

Keywords: aerial root, bacterium, ecosystem function, mangrove plant, tidal flat, tropical/subtropical