This photograph shows CRMs which is distributed from NIES.

Environmental Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are utilized to evaluate new analytical methods and to control the accuracy of pretreatment and instrumental analyses.

National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) have been preparing and distributing environmental and biological CRMs since 1980.

At present, 16 CRMs are available (including 1 CRM which cannot be sent overseas).

National Institute for Environmental Studies
Health and Environmental Risk Division
Center for Environmental Standards and Measurement/CRM
16-2 Onogawa, Tsukuba-Shi, Ibaraki, 305-8506 Japan
E-mail: nies.crm(a) ※Change '(a)' to '@'
FAX: +81-29-850-2900

What's New

  • 2024-2-13Please be announced that our CRM's shipment will be closed from March 13th 2024 to April 1st 2024 for maintenance.
  • 2023-12-7Please be announced that our office will be closed from December 23th 2023 to January 8th 2024 for New year's Holiday. We will resume our business from January 9th, 2024.
    We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and all the best for the New Year.
  • 2023-6-16Out-of-stock: NIES CRM No.28, Urban Aerosols

    NIES CRM No. 28, Urban Aerosols, was developed and certified by NIES for the determination of multi-elements in aerosol particulate matter.
    Due to the stock-out of NIES CRM No.28, distribution of the CRM ended in June, 2023.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We are currently looking into developing a new CRM. As soon as details are finalized, we will report on our website and newsletters.


CRM No. Name Certified Value Certificate
No.3 Chlorella Elements PDF [526KB]
No.10-d Rice Flour-Unpolished ※ Elements PDF [573KB]
No.12 Marine Sediment Organo Sn PDF [296KB]
No.15 Scallop Organo Sn PDF [314KB]
No.18 Human Urine Organo As PDF [546KB]
No.23 Tea Leaves II ※ Elements PDF [297KB]
No.24 Fly Ash II PCDDs, PCDFs PDF [584KB]
No.26 Water Bloom Microcystins, Elements PDF [707KB]
No.27 Typical Japanese Diet Elements PDF [317KB]
No.29 Water Hyacinth Elements PDF [326KB]
No.30 Gobi Kosa Dust Elements PDF [584KB]
No.31 Lake Sediment Elements PDF [363KB]
No.32 Bluegill PFOS PDF [364KB]
No.33 Landfill Cover Soil Elements PDF [325KB]
No.34 Water Bloom (15N-MC) 15N-MC PDF [645KB]
No.35 Water Bloom (15N-CYN) 15N-CYN PDF [604KB]
※These are newly produced CRM successors.

Archived Certificates

CRM No. Name Certified Value Certificate
No.1 Pepperbush Elements PDF [765KB]
No.2 Pond Sediment Elements PDF [318KB]
No.5 Human Hair Elements PDF [310KB]
No.6 Mussel Elements PDF [315KB]
No.7 Tea Leaves Elements PDF [251KB]
No.8 Vehicle Exhaust Particulates Elements PDF [377KB]
No.9 Sargasso Elements PDF [313KB]
No.10-a,b,c Rice Flour-Unpolished Elements PDF [378KB]
No.11 Fish Tissue Organo Sn PDF [274KB]
No.13 Human Hair Methyl Hg PDF [376KB]
No.22 Fish Otolith Elements PDF [173KB]
No.28 Urban Aerosols Elements PDF [362KB]