Mastigamoeba Schulze, 1875 (ref. ID; 3652) reported year? (ref. ID; 1618) or (E.F. Schulze) Lemmermann, 1910 (ref. ID; 4656) reported year? (ref. ID; 3517)

Synonym Mastigina Frenzel (ref. ID; 1618)

[ref. ID; 1618]
Monomastigote, uninucleate, with finger-like pseudopodia; flagellum long and connected with nucleus; fresh water, soil or endocommensal. (ref. ID; 1618)

[ref. ID; 1923]
One flagellum issuing from the nucleus. This is often difficult to see without fixing and staining the amoebae, but with the help of the phase-contrast microscope, the fine filament connecting the external flagellum to the nucleus is easily seen. (ref. ID; 1923)

[ref. ID; 3652]
One to many nuclei. During amoeboid movement, one nucleus linked to basal body of flagellum. Includes some forms with bacteria-like bodies on outer membrane. (ref. ID; 3652)

Mastigamoeba aspera Schulze, 1875 (ref. ID; 2344) reported year? (ref. ID; 1618)
Description; Subspherical or oval; during locomotion elongate and narrowed anteriorly, while posterior end rounded or lobed; numerous pseudopods slender, straight; nucleus near flagellate end; two contractile vacuoles; in ooze of pond. (ref. ID; 1618)
Measurements; 150-200 by about 50 um. (ref. ID; 1618)
Mastigamoeba hylae (Frenzel) (ref. ID; 1618)
Description; In the hind-gut of the tadpoles of frogs and toads. (ref. ID; 1618)
Measurements; 80-135 by 21-31 um; flagellum about 10 um long. (ref. ID; 1618)
Mastigamoeba invertens Klebs (ref. ID; 3493, 3496, 3517) reported author and year? (ref. ID; 7078)
Description; SSU rRNA sequence data. (ref. ID; 7078)
Measurements; Length 7-10 um. (ref. ID; 3496)
Mastigamoeba limax Morow (ref. ID; 3342) or Moroff. (ref. ID; 3517)
Measurements; 17 x 6.5 um. (ref. ID; 3342)
Mastigamoeba longifilum Stokes (ref. ID; 1618, 1923)
Description; Elongate, transparent; flagellum twice body length; pseudopods few, short; contractile vacuole anterior; stagnant water. (ref. ID; 1618)
Body very changeable in shape, with indeterminate pseudopods. Flagellum long, active. Nucleus anterior, small. Habitat standing water among decaying vegetation. (ref. ID; 1923)
Measurements; Body 28 um long when extended, contracted about 10 um. (ref. ID; 1618)
Size 12-30 um. (ref. ID; 1923)
Mastigamoeba setosa (Goldschmidt) (ref. ID; 1618)
Measurements; Up to 140 um long. (ref. ID; 1618)
Mastigamoeba simplex (ref. ID; 2344, 7078)
Description; GenBank AF421218. (ref. ID; 7078)