Glossary of Oligochaeta


We thank following Scientists for quoting text descriptions from their papers.

acrosomal tube (ref. ID; 5861)
acrosomal vesicle (ref. ID; 5861)
acrosome (ref. ID; 6187)
acrosome rod (ref. ID; 6187, 6458)
acrosome tube (ref. ID; 6187, 6458)
acrosome vesicle (ref. ID; 6187)
anus (ref. ID; 6187)
apical corona (ref. ID; 6187)
axial rod (ref. ID; 6187)
axoneme (ref. ID; 6187)

blood vessels (ref. ID; 6187)

capitulum (ref. ID; 6187)
clitellum (ref. ID; 6187)
coelomoduct (ref. ID; 6422)
collar (ref. ID; 5861)

distal centriole (ref. ID; 5861)

embryogenesis (ref. ID; 6187)
epidermal glands (ref. ID; 5860)
eusperm (ref. ID; 6187)

female pore (ref. ID; 6187)
flagellum (ref. ID; 5861)
follicle cell (ref. ID; 6187)

genital pore (ref. ID; 6187)
golgi apparatus (ref. ID; 5861)
gonoducts (ref. ID; 6187)

male pore (ref. ID; 6187)
manchette (ref. ID; 5861)
mitochondria (ref. ID; 5861)
mouth (ref. ID; 6187)

nephridia (ref. ID; 6187)
nuclear pad (ref. ID; 6187)
nucleus (ref. ID; 5861)
nurse cells (ref. ID; 6187)

organogenesis (ref. ID; 6187)

paraspermatozoa (ref. ID; 6187)
paraspermiogenesis (ref. ID; 6187)
parsperm (ref. ID; 6187)
perforatorium (ref. ID; 5861)
peristomium (ref. ID; 6187)
primary acrosome vesicle (PAV) (ref. ID; 6458)
prosopore duct (ref. ID; 6422)
prostate glands (ref. ID; 5857)
prostomium (ref. ID; 6187)
proximal centriole (ref. ID; 5861)
proximal core (ref. ID; 6187)

secondary tube (ref. ID; 5861)
seminal groove (ref. ID; 6187)
setal pattern (ref. ID; 5857)
sperm (ref. ID; 6187)
spermatogenesis (ref. ID; 6187)
spermiogenesis (ref. ID; 5861, 6187)
spermatozoa (ref. ID; 6187)
spermatozeugmata (ref. ID; 5861, 6187)
The mature spermatozoon of Oligochaeta is a very narrow (about 0.2 um) and long (up to 100 um) filiform cell. At the apex there is an acrosome which, althought varying among the various members of the group, is made up of the same parts. (ref. ID; 5861)
Recent information. See ref. ID; 6187
stomodeum (ref. ID; 6187)

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