The 8th Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Asia

 2010-7-13 ~ 2010-7-16
 Vientiane, Lao P.D.R

Agenda with presentations

Day 1, Tuesday 13th July

Opening Session

Chair: Kiyoto Tanabe
Rapporteur: Damasa Magcale Macandog

Session I: Progress since WGIA7 and Summary of the Latest Inventories

Chair: Dominique Revet
Rapporteur: Batimaa Punsalmaa

Session II: Future Activities beyond the latest NCs

Chair: Leandro Buendia
Rapporteur: Simon Eggleston

Hands-on Training Session

Rapporteur: Elsa Hatanaka

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    Mutual Learning for National Communications (Inventory Chapter)

Day 2, Wednesday 14th July

Session III: Group Discussion on Sector-Specific Issues

Participants split into 2 groups in the morning and 2 groups in the afternoon.

WG1: Inventory WG

Theme: Institutional Arrangements 

Chair: Syamphone Sengchandala
Rapporteur: Takeshi Enoki

WG2: Agriculture WG

Theme: Estimation Methods and Development of Parameters 

Chair: Kazuyuki Yagi
Rapporteur: Amnat Chidthaisong

WG3: LULUCF Sector

Theme: Follow up of the WGIA7 (Remote-sensing and GIS data) 

Chair: Abdul Rahim Bin Nik
Rapporteur: Savitri Garivait

WG4: Waste Sector

Theme1: Information Exchange on the Current Status of the Inventory Preparation for Waste Sector in each Asian Country 

Chair: Tomonori Ishigaki
Rapporteur: Qingxian Gao

Current status and /or problem of Waste Sector Inventory preparation of Asian countries

Proposal for the Waste Sector WG in future WGIA; information sharing for the mitigation actions in waste sector and the inventory improvement

Day 3, Thursday 15th July

Wrap-up Session

Chair: Kiyoto Tanabe

Rapporteurs will present the summary of each session and WG

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