Terbufos CAS[13071-79-9]

= s-tert-Butylthiomethyl O,O-diethyl phosphorodithioate

Trade name

Terbufos (I, A, B): AC-92100, Aragran, Counter

Chemical formula


Purpose for use

Insecticide & nematicide. COUNTER-15G use in the United States is concentrated in midwestern corn agroecosystems for control of corn root-worms (Diabrotica longicornis and D. virgifera). The active ingredient in COUNTER is terbufos. In studies of COUNTER toxicity, terbufos, terbufos sulfoxide (TSx), terbufos sulfone (TSn) are often called total toxic residues (TTRs). The TTRs have an environmental half-life of approximately 32-d. (ref. ID; 2167)

Test organisms

Oligochaeta: Lumbricus terrestris (ref. ID; 2167)