[Digested and activated sludge]
Sampling site; The pilot sewage treatment plant at Shek Wu Hui and the sewage treatment plant at the Chinese University, Hong Kong.
Test organisms;
Protozoa: Euglena gracilis (ref. ID; 6084)

[Sewage sludge]
Sampling site; KSU (uncontaminated treatment) and KSB (contaminated treatment) in Germany
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus terrestris (ref. ID; 6075)

[Sewage sludge: Canada]
Sampling site; The Montreal Urban Community (non-digested sludge produced by physico-chemical wastewater treatment), The Becancour municipal wastewater treatment plants (aerobically digested sludge produced in sequential biological reactors)
Toxicants; Cadmium nitrate, copper chloride and zinc chloride.
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Eisenia andrei (ref. ID; 6736)

[Sewage sludge: USA]
Sampling site;
1. Waste-activated sludge were obtained from drying beds at the Meadowbrook-Limestone Wastewater Treatment Plant, Onondaga County, New York.
2. A sludge previously sun-dried for 1 year in a 8-cm layer in a lagoon was obtained from San Jose, Calif.
Toxicants; CdSO4, CuSO4, NiSO4, Pb acetate, and Zn acetate.
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Eisenia foetida (ref. ID; 6866)

[Sewage sludge: USA]
Sample; Milorganite, an anaerobically digested, heat-dried commerical sludge (N-P-K, 6-2-0).
Toxicants; Cu, Cd, Pb, Zn.
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus rubellus (ref. ID; 6849)