Cesium (Cs) & cesium compounds

Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus terrestris (ref. ID; 6856)

[Cesium Chloride] CAS[7647-17-8]
Chemical formula; CsCl
Test organisms;
Nematoda: Panagrellus redivivus (ref. ID; 868)

[Cesium Nitrate] CAS[7789-18-6] UN1451
Chemical formula; CsNO3
Test organisms;
Nematoda: Caenorhabditis elegans (ref. ID; 6823)

[Soil Cesium-137 Pollution]
Cesium-137 is one of the most frequent artificial radionuclides found in European soils because of different anthropogenic discharges, such as atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, accidental releases from nuclear power plants, and chronic emissions from nuclear reactors and fuel-reprocessing plants. Cesium-137 is an emitter of gamma and beta radiation, with a long radioactive half-life (30.17 years) compared to human life expectancy. (ref. ID; 6724)
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Aporrectodea tuberculata (ref. ID; 6724)