[Benomyl] CAS[17804-35-2]
Methyl 3-(butylcarbamoyl)-3H-benzimidasol-2-ylcarbamate
= Methyl 1-(butylcarbamyl) bensimiazol-2-ylcarbamate (ref. ID; 496)
= Methyl-1-(butyl-carbamoyl)-2-benzimid-azole carbamate (ref. ID; 6087)
Trade name; benomyl (J, I, A, B): benlate
Chemical formula; C14H18N4O3
Purpose for use; Fungicide. It is used against fungal attacks on fruit trees and decorative plants as well as for soil treatment during sowing and cultivating. (ref. ID; 496)
Carbamate pesticides. (ref. ID; 7626)
Toxicity; LD50 (oral): rat 9590 mg/kg
Test organisms;
Protozoa: Blepharisma undulans (ref. ID; 496)
Protozoa: Colpoda cucullus (ref. ID; 496)
Protozoa: Oikomonas termo (ref. ID; 496)
Oligochaeta: Aporrectode longa (ref. ID; 7032)
Oligochaeta: Aporrectode rosea (ref. ID; 7032)
Oligochaeta: Eisenia andrei (ref. ID; 6831)
Oligochaeta: Eisenia fetida (ref. ID; 6074, 7012)
Oligochaeta: Enchytraeus albidus (ref. ID; 5909, 6826)
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus terrestris (ref. ID; 6951, 7626)
Oligochaeta: Octolasium transpadanum (ref. ID; 7626)
Oligochaeta: Tubifex tubifex (ref. ID; 6087)
Oligochaeta: Soil-dwelling community (ref. ID; 6896)
Oligochaeta: Review (ref. ID; 6833)