Arsenic (As) & arsenic compounds

Arsenic compounds have been used by humans for several thousand years. Historically, arsenic was used for medicinal purposes in the treatment of ailments such as trypanosomiasis, amoebic dysentery and syphilis. Arsenic compounds are currently used as pesticides, wood presevatives and in glass and electronics manufacture. Sodium arsenate (Na2HAsO4) has been used to deback tress, in cattle and sheep dips and also in the control of aquatic weeds. (ref. ID; 6126)

[Diarsenic Trioxide] CAS[1327-53-3] UN1561
Trade name; arsenic(III) oxide
Chemical formula; As2O3
Purpose for use; Herbicide, insecticide.
Toxicity; LD50 (oral): rat 180-200 mg/kg, mouse 34.4-63.5 mg/kg
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Lumbriculus variegatus (ref. ID; 7169)

[Potassium Arsenate(V)] CAS[7784-41-0] UN1677
Chemical formula; KH2AsO4
Test organisms;
Protozoa: Euglena gracilis (ref. ID; 3312)

[Sodium Arsenate(V), Heptahydrate] CAS[10048-95-0] UN1685
Chemical formula; Na2HAsO4/7H2O
Chemical characteristics; Water soluble.
Test organisms;
Protozoa: Tetrahymena pyriformis (ref. ID; 3554)
Oligochaeta: Dendrodrilus rubidus (ref. ID; 3580, 4481)
Oligochaeta: Eisenia fetida (ref. ID; 4447)
Oligochaeta: Enchytraeus albidus (ref. ID; 4447)
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus rubellus (ref. ID; 3580, 4481, 6860, 6909)
Oligochaeta: Tubifex tubifex (ref. ID; 1318)

[Sodium Arsenite(III)] CAS[7784-46-5] UN2027
= Sodium Metaarsenite
Chemical formula; NaAsO2
Chemical characteristics; Water soluble.
Test organisms;
Protozoa: Euglena gracilis (ref. ID; 3312)
Nematoda: Caenorhabditis elegans (ref. ID; 506, 2165)

Test organisms;
Protozoa: Colpidium campylum (ref. ID; 6081)

Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Tubifex tubifex (ref. ID; 6968)

[Disodium Arsenate]
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus terrestris (ref. ID; 7026)

[Soil As Pollution]
Test organisms;
Oligochaeta: Review (ref. ID; 6126)
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus rubellus (ref. ID; 6909, 6912)
Oligochaeta: Lumbricus terrestris (ref. ID; 7173)

[Calcium Arsenate]
= Calcium hydroxide-calcium arsenate (1/3)
Trade name; Calcium Arsenate (Japan; Date registered 9/27/1948, Date registration annulled 12/28/1976): Kalo
chemical formula; Ca3(AsO4)2, Ca(OH)2/3Ca3(AsO4)2
Purpose for use; Insecticide.

[Orthoarsenic Acid]
Trade name; arsenic acid: Dessicant-L-10
Chemical formula; H3AsO4
Purpose for use; herbicide, insecticide
Toxicity; LD50 (oral): rat 48-100 mg/kg (young) - 100 mg/kg (old)

[Diarsenic Pentaoxide]
Trade name; arsenic(V) oxide: Zotox
Chemical formula; As2O5
Purpose for use; fungicide, herbicide, insecticide
Toxicity; LD50 (oral): rat 8 mg/kg