[ref. ID; 7733 (Iftode, Fryd-Versavel and Lynn, 1984)]

Family Turaniellidae Didier, 1971
Diagnosis; Tetrahymenine ciliates whose right ventral somatic kineties curve to the left and then, usually abruptly, twist anteriorly to parallel the anterior suture which is anterior left of the oral region; at least kinety n (in Colpidium) and several somatic kineties to its left (in Turaniella) interrupted by the left posterior edge of the oral cavity; oral polykinetids orientated in obliquely longitudinal direction in oral cavity. Almost paroral dikinetids nonciliated. Microfilamentous oral basket.
Genus; Colpidium Stein, 1860: Turaniella Corliss, 1960