[ref. ID; 4889 (Weibo Song, Alan Warren, and Xiaozhong Hu, 1996/97)]

Family Pseudoamphisiellidae nov. fam. (ref. ID; 4889 original paper)
Diagnosis; Hypotrichida (Discocephalina? Urostylina?) with differentiated frontal and highly developed transverse cirri; two widely separated midventral rows, which originate from a series of oblique FVT-streaks during morphogenesis; without frontoterminal cirri; right marginal row derived from the rightmost streak of FVT-anlagen. Considering its morphogenetic and morphological features, the new family differs distinctly from other families of hypotrichs in the following combination of characters: the absence of frontoterminal cirri, the widely separated midventral rows and the unique origin of right marginal row during morphogenesis.
Type genus; Pseudoamphisiella Song, 1996
Improved diagnosis; Pseudoamphisiellidae with one left and one right marginal row of cirri; three enlarged frontal cirri and two long ventral (midventral) rows; caudal cirri completely aligned with marginal rows.