[ref. ID; 3630 (Bruce F. Hill, 1990)]

Subclass: Hypotrichia Stein, 1859
Order: Euplotida Small & Lynn, 1985
Suborder: Euplotina Small & Lynn, 1985
Family: Uronychiidae Jankowski, 1979
Diagnosis; Oral primordia in both the proter and opisthe are formed during cell division causing partial replacement of parental collar membranelles of the AZOPK during proter development; large horseshoe-shaped oral membrane divided into left and right sections; large caudal cirri, which bend to the left distally; large left marginal cirri; dorsal kineties that contain many short and closely set cilia. (ref. ID; 3630)
Type Genus; Uronychia Stein, 1859