Ref ID : 4967
Visitacion Conforti; [Estudio taxonomico y ultraestructural de Euglenophyta no loricadas del Nordeste Argentino] (Taxonomic and ultrastructural study of naked Euglenophyta from northeast of Argentina). IHERINGIA,Ser.Bot.,Porto Alegre 50:49-66, 1998
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Notes : Seventeen taxa of naked Euglenophyta, sampled in northeast of Argentina, province of Chaco, belonging to the genera Euglena Ehr., Lepocinclis Perty and Phacus Duj., have been determinated and examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). On the basis of these observations a new forma is proposed, P. suecicus var. oidion f. spinosa f. nova. Details of pellicle ultrastructure are illustrated.