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Juan Carlos Gutierrez, Ana Martin-Gonzalez, Silvia Diaz, and Ruth Ortega; Ciliates as a potential source of cellular and molecular biomarkers/biosensors for heavy metal pollution. Europ.J.Protistol. 39:461-467, 2003
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Notes : Ciliates can be valuable eukaryotic micro-organisms for use as whole-cell biosensors or as a potential cellular source of molecular biomarkers/biosensors to detect pollutants (such as heavy metals) in environmental samples. Here, we report the advantages of using ciliates in biomonitoring of heavy metals, in comparison with other micro-organisms. The diversity of experimental conditions and methodological approaches in heavy metal bioassays using ciliates are also discussed. Finally, we show several examples of the suitability of ciliates as potential whole-cell or molecular biosensors to detect bioavailable heavy metals in environmental samples.