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Lucia Arregui, Cesar Munoz-Fontela, Almudena Guinea, and Susana Serrano; FLUTAX facilitates visualization of the ciliature of oxytrichid hypotrichs. Europ.J.Protistol. 39:169-172, 2003
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Notes : The flourescent taxoid FLUTAX that specifically binds to microtubules was employed to stain cells of the oxytrichid ciliate Sterkiella cavicola. Due to their cortical peculiarities, ciliates of this group have traditionally been difficult to stain, and in consequence their identification presents uncertainty. Here, a variant of the employment of FLUTAX is proposed with the aim of simplifying the visualization of oxytrichid ciliature and other microtubular structures. As a result, key characters for the identification of these organisms are revealed.