Ref ID : 4906
Sabine Agatha and Jeannette Cornelie Riedel-Lorje; Morphology, Infraciliature, and Ecology of Halteriids and Strombidiids (Ciliophora, Oligotrichea) from Coastal Brackish Water Basins. Arch.Protistenk 148:445-459, 1997
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Notes : The morphology of some brackish water oligotrichs was investigated using in vivo, Lugol fixed and protargol impregnated material. One new species is described, Strombidium triquetrum nov. spec.; Pelagohalteria cirrifera (Kahl, 1935) Foissner, Skogstad & Pratt, 1988, Strombidium conicum (Lohmann, 1908) Wulff, 1919, and S. vestitum (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932 are redescribed. Additionally, two unnamed species belonging to the genera Strombidium Claparede & Lachmann, 1859 and Cyrtostrombidium Lynn & Gilron, 1993 are described. Ecological data concerning maximum abundances, abundances at different salinities and temperatures, as well as contents of food vacuoles are given. The genus Ciliospina Leegaard, 1915 and its single species, Ciliospina norvegica Leegaard, 1915, are regarded as nomina dubia.