Ref ID : 4905
Weibo Song and Norbert Wilbert; Morphological Investigations on Some Free Living Ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora) from China Sea with Description of a New Hypotrichous Genus, Hemigastrostyla nov. gen. Arch.Protistenk 148:413-444, 1997
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Notes : 2 heterotrichous and 9 hypotrichous ciliates including one new genus collected from the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Bay, north-eastern China are morphologically investigated based on living observations and using various silver impregnation methods: Protocruzia contrax Mansfeld, 1923; Condylostoma magnum Spiegel, 1926; Holosticha manca Kahl, 1932; Oxytricha saltans (Cohn, 1866); Hemigastrostyla enigmatica (Dragesco & Dragesco-Kerneis, 1986) nov. gen., nov. comb.; Uronychia setigera Calkins, 1902; Uronychia binucleata Young, 1922; Uronychia transfuga (Muller, 1786); Euplotes minuta Yocum, 1930; Aspidisca steini (Buddenbrock, 1920); Aspidisca leptaspis Fresenius, 1865. Morphological characteristics and taxonomic position of all known Uronychia-species are briefly compared and discussed. About 3 Protocruzia-, 5 Uronychia- and 12 Aspidisca-species are considered as junior synonyms according to the results of our current studies. The hypotrich, Hemigastrostyla nov. gen., might be assigned to the family Oxytrichidae. Diagnosis of this new genus: body slightly cephalized; mostly 8-10 frontal, 5 ventral and a few extra lateroventral cirri which possibly derive from the 6th (right-most) cirral anlage during morphogenesis; caudal cirri present. Marine or brackish water forms. It is recognised from other oxytrichids by the cephalized body shape and possessing extra lateroventral cirri right to the transverse ones.