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Ulrich Buitkamp; [Uber die Ciliatenfauna zweier mitteleuropaischer Bodenstandorte (Protozoa; Ciliata)]. Decheniana (Bonn) 130:114-126, 1977
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Notes : The soil-inhabiting species of ciliates from two Central European ecosystems (pasture and mixed forest near Bonn) has been investigated. All in all 34 species have been found. Most of them are known to be cosmopolitan in soil as well as in freshwater. 5 new species are described here: Colpoda acuta n. spec., Oxytricha rubra n. spec., Paraurostyla pulchra n. spec., Paraurostyla terricola n. spec., and Uroleptus kahli n. spec., Spathidium atypicum Buitkamp & Wilbert 1974, is renamed S. longicaudatum n. nom. Following a revision of the genus Trachelostyla synonymous forms of Trachelostyla (Gonostomum) affine (Stein) n. comb. are listed. The infraciliature of the new species described in this paper was studied by means of the Protargol method.