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J. Green; Associations of rotifers in Australian crater lakes. J.Zool.,Lond. 193:469-486, 1981
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Notes : Associations of rotifers in 12 Australian crater lakes have been compared by means of indices of similarity and diversity, and by two dimensional ordination. Four of the lakes lay on the Atherton Tableland in tropical Queensland, four were shallow saline lakes in Victoria and the remaining four were fresh lakes in the same general region as the saline lakes. The total number of species identified was 67, but the maximum found in any one sample was 27. Salinity is an important factor reducing diversity, whilst the development of vegetation increases the diversity of the rotifer fauna. The index of diversity (alpha) ranged from less than one in the saline lakes to 13 in the richly vegetated Lake Euramoo. Comparisons with the rotifers living in the open waters of crater lakes in Africa, Indonesia and Europe revealed no marked similarities between the fresh Australian lakes and these other regions, although strong similarities were found between Australian saline lakes and those of other regions. In general the rotiferan faunas of the Australian crater lakes resembled each other less than might be expected from the similarities found between crater lakes within other regions.