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Josef Donner; [Die Rotatorien-Synusien submerser Makrophyten der Donau bei Wien und mehrerer Alpenbache]. Arch.Hydrobiol/suppl. 27(3):227-324, 1964
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Notes : The present paper deals with the Rotatoria-coenosis of periphyton ("Aufwuchs") of mosses and Myriophyllum, in the littoral zone of the river Danube and some brooks of the Alps. A biocoenotic analysis delivers a diagnosis of it. The comparision to a lenitic branch of the Danube and on the other hand to two more rapid streams of the High Tatra mountains shows the great influence of water-currents as an oecological factor. There are given some important taxonomical statements to some species of Rotatoria. Two species are introduced as new: Dicranophorus liepolti and Macrotrachela aliena.