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Eric D. Hollowday; A preliminary report on the Plymouth marine and brackish water rotifera. J.mar.biol.Ass.U.K. 28:239-253, 1949
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Notes : Six species of rotifer, including one oceanic species and representing four genera, are recorded for the first time from Plymouth. Remarks are made on various interesting features of their anatomy, details are given of their times of occurrence at Plymouth, with notes on their location and known distribution in other parts of the British Isles, and in foreign waters. Attention is called to the apparent poverty of the Plymouth marine and brackish-water Rotifera as compared with that of Liverpool, investigated at length by Galliford. It is stressed that no exact conclusions as to the reason for this can be made until after a more exhaustive survey, as some likely habitats adjacent to the Sound were not investigated. Attention is also called to the caution which must be exercised in terming rotifers marine, as most of those collected in coastal waters appear at present to be confined to areas where a considerable amount of fresh water is discharged into the sea. At least two species, one of which occurs in the Sound in May, are known to be truly oceanic, having been found in mid-Atlantic. It is suggested that 'brackish' and 'estuarine' are terms most applicable to the majority of coastal rotifers in the present state of our knowledge.