Pareuglypha Penard, 1902 (ref. ID; 3693 original paper)

[ref. ID; 1923]
Aperture terminal, in oral view circular or oval. With a short or long tail composed of scales. Shell ovoid, elliptical, or pyriform. (ref. ID; 1923)

Pareuglypha reticulata Penard, 1902 (ref. ID; 3693 original paper) reported year? (ref. ID; 1923, 2240)
Description; Very variable in outline. Transverse section circular, aperture circular bordered by a chitinoid laciniated short collar; scales generally circular, sometimes elliptic, variable is size, becoming smaller near the tail. Nucleus single, contractile vacuoles 1, 2, or more. Habitat aquatic vegetation and submerged mosses. (ref. ID; 1923)
Measurements; Length 55-70 um. (ref. ID; 1923)