Chromulina Cienkowski

[ref. ID; 1618]
Oval; round in cross-section; amoeboid; 1-2 chromatophores; palmella stage often large; in fresh water. Numerous species. The presence of a large number of these organisms gives a golden-brown color to the surface of the water. Electron microscope study of C. psammobia shows the presence of a short second internal flagellum in close association with the stigma. (ref. ID; 1618)

[ref. ID; 3490]
The spherical or ovoidal cell with a long anterior flagellum usually contains a single flattened chromatophore and a eye-spot near the contractile vacuole. The periplast is generally naked. (ref. ID; 3490)

Chromulina nebulosa Cienkowski (ref. ID; 3490)
Description; The somewhat elongate species, 15-18 um in length. (ref. ID; 3490)
Chromulina ovalis Klebs (ref. ID; 3490)
Description; The small ovoid species as long as 10-15 um. (ref. ID; 3490)
Chromulina pascheri Hoefeneder (ref. ID; 1618)
Measurements; 15-20 um in diameter. (ref. ID; 1618)