National Institute for Environmental Studies Summer Open House, July 20 (Saturday), 2013

Satisfy your curiosity, boost your environmental knowledge, and become an eco-doctor


June 18 (Tuesday), 2013

Public Relations Office, Planning Department, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Contact (029-850-2827)

The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) is pleased to announce its annual Summer Open House to be held on July 20 (Saturday), 2013. On the day there will be a large selection of events such as those aimed at teaching you more about global warming and energy (“That’s what I wanted to know – live research panels”; “The reality of climate change today”, etc.); exhibitions and interactive activities which will allow you to touch and observe up-close some “familiar creatures”; guided tours of the attractions with explanations on current environmental topics and cutting edge environmental research in English; and access to many facilities and laboratories which are not normally accessible to the public. In addition there will be an exhibition of entries into the 2nd NIES Picture Contest with the theme “Your Life and the Environment”, as well as the prize-giving ceremony.

1. Overview of the NIES Summer Open House 2013

Date: July 20 (Saturday), 2013

Time: 09:30-16:00 (Reception closes at 15:00)

Application: Participation is free. Just turn up on the day (Groups of more than 15 persons should contact in advance)

Venue: National Institute for Environmental Studies, Onogawa 16-2, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, JAPAN

What’s in store at the NIES Summer Open House?

  • ● A variety of enjoyable and informative events to learn about environmental topics and research which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike
  • ● Over 70 displays, lectures and interactive activities
  • ● Exhibition and prize-giving ceremony for the “2nd NIES Picture Contest”
  • ● We are implementing the following initiatives in line with our efforts to encourage attendees to come to the event by means of eco-friendly transport:
    • ➣ Free Shuttle Bus between TX Tsukuba Station and Hitachino-ushiku Station and NIES
    • ➣ Attendees who come by eco-friendly means such as by bicycle, on foot or on the free shuttle bus will be presented with a free LED key-ring

2. Selective Program Details (age restrictions and other conditions may apply) 

Activities and Interactive Events

  • ● Shark and octopus touch-pool
  • ● Let’s make a bio-flocculation floc!
  • ● Look at your own DNA (and bring home a picture)
  • ● Nature on the NIES grounds – discovery nature walk
  • ● What is the coolest color?
  • English language guided tour
    • ➣ This year there will be three tours: Tour A (10:30-11:30); Tour B (12:30-13:30); and Tour C (14:00-15:00)
    • ➣ All three tours will have different and exciting content (explanations of research, facilities and environmental issues in English, interactive activities, etc.)
    • ➣ Please come to the main reception if you would like to take part in the English language guided tour
    • ➣ Each tour will be limited to 20 participants; first-come, first-served


  • ● No way! The rubbish quiz!
  • ● I gotta know! The atmospheric pollution quiz


  • ● Chemicals around you and your health
  • ● Eco-friendly NIES; Nature on the NIES grounds


  • ● What exactly is an Environmental Specimen Time Capsule Building
  • ● Let’s look at brains!!! – the MRI building

Exhibitions/Research Introductions

  • ● Today YOU are a bio-doctor
  • ● Research on the effect of agrochemicals on the biodiversity of paddy fields


  • ● Exhibition and prize-giving ceremony for the NIES Picture Contest
  • ● Stamp rally – collect them all and get special flower seeds
  • ● And much, much more!

3. Access


  • ● There is limited parking and there is a significant chance that parking will be unavailable at NIES. Visitors are strongly encouraged to come to the event by means of eco-friendly transport such as the free shuttle bus, by bicycle or on foot, rather than using their own cars
  • Free Shuttle Bus
    • ➣ From Tsukuba Express (TX) Tsukuba Station [left]: Buses depart every 5 to 10 minutes.
    • ➣ From Hitachino-ushiku Station: From the east exit of Hitachino-ushiku station. Buses depart every 20 minutes


  • ● All visitors to the NIES Open House will receive special NIES mementos including an original NIES Eco-bag
  • ● Much, much more

We look forward to welcoming you to the NIES Summer Open House 2013!