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Researcher Name
Div (Section) name/title
Material Cycles Division(Material Cycles Science and Engineering Research Section)/Research Associate
Research Subject
Study on behavior and risk assessment of micro- and nano- plastics and related chemicals discharged from waste recycling process
Professional Qualification(s)
Chemistry,Agricultural Science
Environmental Speciality Field
organic pollutants,environmental chemistry
Marine plastic pollution
Membership of Academic Society
Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry
Research Subject
  • Fiscal Year: 2021
    • 25510 : Chemical management for material flows transition
    • 25903 : Monitoring of actual status and emission control of river plastic wastes
    • 25904 : 代表者に確認中
    • 25905 : Development of Accelerated Weathering Tests to Explore Fragmentation of Marine Plastic Debris, and Assessment of Actual Behavior in the Environment Considering Influence of Additive Chemicals
    • 25906 : Development of a method for stable production of spherical nanoplastic standards towards their environmental risk assessment
    • 25907 : Development of quantitative analysis method for nanoplastics
    • 25915 : Study on advanced science and engineering for sustainable material cycles
  • Fiscal Year: 2020
    • 25097 : Sustainable Material Cycles Research Program
    • 25132 : Assessment of Resource efficiency and Environmental Impact in the Cycles of Recyclable Materials and Accompanied Substances
    • 25350 : Research and Development of Fundamental Technologies for Material Recycle and Substance Management